Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peace, Love and Corduroy Pants.

Someone needs to give Spring a good swift kick in the behind because I am feeling very floral lately. Winter is nice, but in small doses. Anyways it was retro day at school au jourd'hui so instead of going for the stereo typical leggings, slouchy sweater and side ponty tail of the 80's I went for the 70's. I think I did well, not over done yet it's clear what I was going for. God it was a sea of neon and leg warmers today. Made me want to puke into my Transit handbag how uniform everyone is even when playing dress up.

What am I wearing today? Well I took my high waisted, silk, screen print skirt and just yanked it up a bit to make it a top. Threw on a shawl, some wide leg corduroy pants that seemed appropriate for the time period, and my white pumps handed down from my auntie. My hair bow is just a psychadelic bit of scrap fabric from a dress I made a while ago. I love the material so much.

Monday, March 9, 2009

For the sake of fashion.

I was feeling romantic today. I may be the only one here, but I've always dreamed of something really tragic happening to me like in soap opera's. Tragedy is such a romantic feeling, like desperation.

What am I wearing today? A lovely dress I found on my trip to Florida. It's at my favorite store Papaya, I make sure to visit there as well as the designer outlet stores whenever I go. It was cold out, but I bore it with bare legs anyways.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A triumphant return

Yes that's right. I have gotten off my lazy bottom and decided to reopen/restart my blog. A fresh beginning. I guess this came along with my renewed interest in lookbook.nu (check me out there: http://lookbook.nu/xoxrawr) and with the purchase of a new camera!

So! For those of you unfamiliar with my blog, it's basically a "what am I wearing today?" type deal. I love to hear from fellow fashionista's and I love reading other peoples blogs and checking out with you're wearing as well! So befriend me, comment me, stalk me. I don't care so long as I'm entertained. :)

What am I wearing today?
Well, it's a lazy Sunday morning waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work so I threw on some white linen shorts and a red and white checkered shirt that reminds me of picniks. And of course, some stockings for warmth. You may also notice a few changes to my look, namely my hair and my now bespectacled face! I couldn't be arsed enough to do my hair anymore so I went and got a bunch of it chopped off a couple weeks ago and voila, this messy little tumbleweed. My eye doctor insisted on making me shell out for glasses that I'm adamant I don't need. I'm feeling defiant so I doubt you'll see me in them very often.